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October 11, 2016

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The importance of fashion recruiting for a business

July 12, 2016


Fashion business


The fashion industry is one of the most competitive businesses you will ever see, a reason CM InStyle fashion recruiter is recruiting for various businesses that focus on fashion. There are many factors that a person that wants to enter into the fashion world should know. Whether they want to manage a fashion business, design, manufacture, or sell. To be successful in a business as big as the fashion industry you need to be on top of the game.


Development of design and creation


  • Transformation of fashion and design and the relation with the designers, creators, and merchants

  • Continuous, upright, and inventive practices needed to lead a global fashion industry

  • Current designs and trends to predict sales dynamic for products and services

  • Marketing and retailer strategies based on the consumer’s interests

  • Creative ideas for fashionable products and services

  • Business management structure  


Recruiting for the fashion businesses


When a business is looking for fashion recruiters some of the skills and knowledge that they will be looking for will be:


  • Strong sales skills.  Fashion Recruiters need to be able to sell their clients and candidates what the company has to offer. And be convincing as to why it would be a lifetime career choice to become part of particular fashion industry.

  • Capacity to develop and build relationships with the members in the business. By being able to be open and get along, trust and inform yourself of your colleagues likes and dislikes makes you stand out more. It makes you more likable and have a bigger chance of getting hired.

  • Executions mentality. An attraction is always looking for ways to promote the business and striving to make better (phone calling, social media, platforms, etc.)

  • Outside of the box mentality. Being open and keeping ear and eyes open at all times. Staying on top of the game looking for ways to expand the business.

  • Listening. Attention is key. Focus on the client, needs and expectations are key for a role.


Lastly a recruiter is looked at as a trusted friend for clients and if the recruiter listens, respects, and trus