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Hiring or Job Hunting? Two Powerful Ways our Agency Helps You Break The Code in Finding an Ideal Job

In today’s fierce and competitive world, job hunting process may sometimes feel very similar to taking part in a horse race, where surprisingly, job seekers are the meek horses, put up against each other in a primitive contest of speed and stamina. However, even with a constantly evolving job industry much similar to horse racing being turned into a spectacle over the years, the essential feature remains the same: the horse that finishes first is the winner. Here, our agency plays the role of a jockey bringing you, the job seeker, to the finish line first and caretaker simultaneously, helping employers (the horse owners) find the best possible candidate to win.

As a job seeker: We guide you from start to finish, from building your resume to helping you pick ideal attire for the interview - just another step where we help ease your nerves and make sure you are thoroughly prepared. This is particularly exhibited by our fashion recruiters who can help you land the best position in the fashion industry. Fashion recruiters possess the skills and knowledge that help find you a match with the ideal job based on your qualifications. Playing the role of a well-informed companion, fashion recruiters will also help you negotiate the deal you deserve in terms of salary and benefits. Most importantly, fashion recruiters help shine your coat that makes you stand out from a herd of horses (in reference to horse racing). In summary, fashion recruiters will be your personal cheerleader using their contacts in the fashion industry presenting you with several suitable opportunities.

As an employer: Our agency provides you with talent acquisition specialists who essentially work at each step of the recruitment lifecycle, from devising an efficient plan and strategy to executing it resourcefully. Talent acquisition specialists are time saving and cost effective as they will only bring forward highly qualified, suitable candidates preventing your valuable time being wasted from sifting through heaps of applications. Moreover, talent acquisition specialists can identify future talent needs and proactively recruit, especially from a talent pool created and maintained by them, thus minimizing the risk of recruiting mistakes. They also provide counselling to HR professionals and hiring managers for hiring and employment data. Talent acquisition specialists, in summary, supersede basic recruiters as they find candidates with specific skillsets or goals in contrast to focusing on just filling vacancies.

Let our employment agency help you cross the finish line in first place and secure the dream job you have been waiting for!

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