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Don’t fear Volatile Job Market. Face it with Your Skills!

Getting laid off or fired might seem like the end of the world if you are not prepared. The volatile job market and latest technological innovation are changing the future of jobs with changes in talent acquisition and direct placement. The trick is to change and adapt with the times. Here are a few ways to do so:

Do not depend on a single Job – The trick is to diversify your income. Dependence on an only source of salary will prove detrimental in the long run. Keep a part time job or a side hustle always, no matter how much you earn from your day job

Keep updating skills – Most Orange County recruiters complain of lack of relevant job skills in candidates. All jobs require you to know more than the degree teaches you. Ask your colleagues to teach you what you don’t know. Practice new things in your spare time or take an online course. The more you know, the more useful you are to recruiters.

Small tasks matter –Keep yourself abreast with all kinds of small and large skills, including photocopy, scanning, or even running the espresso machine. These tasks might seem menial, but you will be a lot more self-dependent than anyone. Remember Gunther from the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S? James Tyler got that role because he knew how to operate an espresso machine.

Always keep a soft copy of your CV – Needless to say, keep it updated and ready to be handed out to a recruiter always. You never know when the right opportunity might come your way.

Don’t let go of your self-confidence. Keep practicing your hobbies to relax. You will need a cool, calm head always.

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