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Nail your Fashion Interview with these Simple Tricks & Tips

CM InStyle the Orange County recruiters believes that when it comes to talent acquisition in the fashion industry, the interview is the most crucial step of the selection process. You must prepare yourself to make a grand and lasting impressing in front of the fashion recruiters if you really want to land this job.

Here are a few tricks that will be of help:

Keep it Simply Silly

Your application must be clean, clear and very simple with absolutely no references to your passionate fashion goals, or anything that hints your desperation for landing a job in the fashion industry. Keep it cool, and try to create a clear cut application that will make yours stand out in the sea of applicants.

Do your Research

CM InStyle fashion recruiters always strongly advise our applicants to do ample research to understand the brand and company in which they are applying for. It is essential for you to make good use of Google to not only search up the brand history, and employee hierarchy of the organisation, but also you must do some primary and secondary research to understand their products, consumer market, brand identity, trade secrets, and of course, every little thing you can find about the person who is interview you.

The idea is to make sure that during the interview you can come up with a couple questions of your own, and show your knowledge about the brand to sway your potential bosses.

Focus on your Current Application

Fashion recruiters that cater to a large talent pool, have come across countless applicants who sit through the interview for a different job, but actually end up applying for another job entirely. Your very first fashion interview cannot land you the career of your dreams, and if you are applying for the job of a personal shopper, don’t end up asking for the job of a retail manager. You will not only lose that opportunity, but also your self-respect. Talent acquisition in the fashion industry revolves around the principles of loyalty, and if you land the right job, it is bound to lead you to your dreams.

Flaunt your Experience

Be sure to map out your experience in the fashion industry and present it to your new employers in the most comprehensive and appealing of ways. Don’t leave your prospective employer feeling overwhelmed and negatively reflecting over your

intellectual property, but instead, make them realize the problem areas and issues you can help by suggesting better solutions to their on-going problems.

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