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Preparing for Success: Here's What You Should Be Doing Before & During Your Next Interview

Whether you are meeting with fashion recruiters or interviewing with some type of talent acquisition company, you are going to need to learn how to properly interview in order to increase your chances of getting hired. After all, interviews are basically your first impression with an employer and could be the #1 deciding factor when it comes to being hired or not. Prepare yourself for success by following these 3 interview tips.

  1. Practice Interview Questions

The top talent knows all too well that the best way to prepare for an interview is to practice answering common interview questions. While you of course don't know exactly what will be asked, there are a few basic questions that more interviewers ask. You could even look at researching example interview scripts that are applicable to the industry you are involved in.

  1. Don't Be Late

Showing up late to a job interview could very well be the absolute worse thing you could possibly do, so don't do it! An employer wants to know that they can trust you and depend on your, but if you are already showing up late, this is definitely not an indicator of your level of professionalism. If there is some sort of emergency, it's always best to reschedule the appointment than it is to show up late.

  1. Speak Professionally

Fashion recruiters and other professionals who place employees tend to gravitate toward top talent that knows how to speak and carry themselves. Remember, you don't want to use any slang words, you absolutely do not want to curse and you should make it a point to speak clearly and enunciate.

Interviews can be quite scary for some and exciting for others. If you are wanting to make the best impression with your fashion recruiter, you will of course need to prepare for your interview using these 3 helpful tips.

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