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Most Sought Outs Jobs in the Fashion Industry

You’ll find a few industries that are as fast-paced as the fashion industry. The industry offers ample job opportunities to individuals who have an excellent understanding of style, are creative and are keen to build a rewarding career by putting in extra effort. The fashion industry generally hires professionals in areas such as design, manufacturing, merchandising, advertising, retailing and many more. As stated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most of the lucrative fashion jobs are found in Los Angeles and New York City. And, some of the most in demand job options include fashion designer, merchandiser, model, set designer, and photographer. A brief description of each job type is given below: Fashion Designer: The role of a fashion designer is to create new designs for clothing and other related accessories. You can either work with renowned fashion designers or run your own fashion labels. Although you may have a low annual income initially, the earnings will go up and even touch a 6-digit mark once you establish yourself in the industry. Merchandiser: A fashion merchandiser performs the primary task of promoting the merchandise through the analysis of target markets, determination of customer demand, generation of eye-catching visual displays and distribution of products. The average salary of a merchandiser is around $40,000 per annum. Model: Models display clothes and accessories on a catwalk to potential customers at fashion shows, and pose for photographs used for various advertising campaigns. If you can make it to the top league of models, you will earn in millions in the modeling world. Set Designer: As the name suggests, a set designer conceives designs for sets used in ad campaigns, TV shows, trade shows and exhibitions. Their set designs must be in sync with the theme of the product to be promoted or the needs of the director. Set designers can earn in the range of $18,000-$63,000. Photographer: A fashion photographer gets a chance to work with models, art directors and makeup artists and creates perfect photos for the client. Photographers can even travel to picturesque locations around the world for fashion shoots. Their average salary is about $48,000 per year.

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